At Patricia Hutton Galleries we pride ourselves on being a friendly, accessible and inviting place to browse and  enjoy fine art in a beautiful, relaxing setting.  We love to discuss art and design and welcome your questions and comments. Patricia likes to remind her guests that, "art is good for your soul and spirit, and a visit to view our wonderful collection will enrich your day."  

Patricia Hutton first became interested in art as a young person studying in Europe.  She has been an avid collector ever since.  While a graduate student in Boston, her interest was nurtured by a fortunate set of circumstances which allowed her to observe first hand, the training of artists who were mentored by some of the preeminent teachers of The Boston School.  Being friends with several artists who studied at the Fenway Studios in Boston, allowed her an inside peak at the atelier training of artists by their renowned mentor R H Ives Gammel.  Memories of days in Provincetown  Massachusetts, observing Henry Henshe in the summer sun, surrounded by the colorful canvases of his students, was an indelible image which led her to grow her interest further.  Having always loved the French Impressionists, the American Impressionists became a primary focus, in part because of her emotional connection to the landscapes they recorded.  Living in Gloucester Massachusetts, many of the images so strikingly recorded by local artists as well as artists from other Schools, such as the  Bucks County Impressionists, surrounded her.  

Managing a gallery in near-by Rockport,  introduced her to the contemporary School of North Shore painters who recorded the iconic images of Motif Number One, Gloucester Harbor, and the breaking waves on Bass Rocks. When moving to Bucks County in 1987, she found as good fortune would have it, that she had replaced one beloved art colony with another.  The bucolic landscape with its farms and picturesque pastures and streams, and the paintings that recorded them, were easy to fall in love with.  Her interest in the New Hope School grew with visits to the Michener Museum and her friendship with Frank and Sherrie Bianco who had a superb gallery where she purchased her first Bucks County painting.  More Bucks County collecting followed, and soon a beautiful collection of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts artists became a passion.  That passion has now become a gallery.

 We hope you will find that the beauty and special sense of place that attracted artists to both the New England and Bucks County Plein Air Schools, is alive in our unique presentation of these two great American Art Traditions.  Come visit soon!