March 11 - May 14

Into the Garden!
Get in the mood for Spring with Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetable still life as well as lovely garden landscape. A Group show including:
Frank Arcuri, Dot Bunn, Janine Dunn Wade, Sam Vokey, Frankie Balek, Dorothy Hoeschen & Barbara Sesta.  

April 2 - First Sunday, 12 - 5 pm
Demonstrations by the artists,
refreshments, meet and greet

May 14 - Mothers Day, 12 - 4pm
Sweets & Treats for Mom - 
Chocolates & Posies for Mothers

Meet award winning artists:
 Frank Arcuri, Dot Bunn, Frankie Balek, and art demonstration by 
Janine Dunn Wade! 

September 16 - October 15
Opening Reception Sept 16, 5-8 pm

Bradley Hendershot & Katharine Krieg -
Times and Places

Reflecting on his life in rural Pennsylvania and the remote Monhegan Island, Maine, Bradley Hendershot's watercolors emphasize details and textures designed to evoke a strong feeling or mood in the viewer.  Often his paintings exhibit his keen interest in history and depict a way of life that is rapidly disappearing into the past. 

Inspired by her surroundings, Katharine Krieg's oil and watercolor paintings are her response to everyday encounters - experiences ranging from peaceful interiors to the turbulence of nature.  A quiet sense of introspection and the passage of time are themes that recur in her works of landscape and still life. 

October 21 - November 19
Opening Reception Oct 21, 5-8 pm 

DOT BUNN:  My Bucks County

Dot Bunn finds endless inspiration for her beautiful oil paintings in the surrounding countryside of her beloved Bucks County.  A member of the Allied Artists of America and the American Artists Professional League, Ms. Bunn's work has been juried into and taken awards in national shows. It is also a favorite of PA collectors who will love seeing their cherished landmarks in this special solo show.  "Bucks County is my home and my beautiful landscape model changing color and shape with the seasons.  I particularly like painting scenes with water features and quiet intimate moments in nature."  

May 20 - June 18
Gene McInerney - 
Meet the Artist Reception
Saturday, May 20, 12 - 4 pm 

Known for his unique ability to combine realism with romance and a sense of place, Mr. McInerney is one of our most popular artists.  American Artist Magazine called him "the delicate engineer" saying "he paints his beloved Pennsylvania countryside with a fullness and completeness that is utterly satisfying."  Mr. McInerney is the recipient of many national awards.  His work is in collections Nation-wide.     

June 24 - August 27
Opening Reception - Saturday, June 24, 5 - 8 pm 
 Live music with composer John Scuillo! 
Join us for a delightful summer evening of Art and Music!

Summer Vacation!

Romantic paintings of summertime destinations like Cape Cod, Maine, Europe and beautiful Bucks County!   A group show including seasonal landscape and marine work by our award winning gallery artists including Cape Cod colorist E. Principato (mentored by the legendary Henry Hensche) and Sam Vokey (both artists in the collection of the Cape Cod Museum of Art), nationally recognized artists Barbara Sesta, Dorothy Hoeschen, plein air painters Kirk Larsen, Susan Blubaugh, Bill Farnsworth, Ray Hassard,  watercolor artists Gregory Dunham, Steve Zazenski, pastel artist Michael Filipiak, Dean Thomas and many more.  Don't miss this beautiful show!!

January - February
Winter Exhibition
A group exhibition of 
beautiful seasonal paintings in oil, watercolor, and pastel.  Artists include:  Dot Bunn, Barbara Sesta, Susan Blubaugh, Dorothy Hoeschen, Dean Thomas, Kirk Larsen, Steve Zazenski, Michael Filipiak, Bradley Hendershot, Katharine Krieg and more. 
E. Principato
December 2

Winter Exhibition -    Annual HolidayOpen House  4 - 8 pm

A group exhibition of seasonal landscape and still life in oil, pastel and watercolor by all our award-winning artists.  Some of our featured artists include:  Dot Bunn, Frank Arcuri, Gene McInerney, Dean Thomas, Steve Zazenski, Barbara Sesta, Michael Filipiak, Janine Dunn Wade, Dorothy Hoeschen,Bradley Hendershot, Katharine Krieg, Frankie Balek, and more.  New work in oil, pastel, and watercolor.  Meet the artists and Welcome in the season surround by beautiful snowy landscapes, still life, and extraordinary artisan made gifts including one of a kind collector Santas carrying antique toys, hand painted wood, and pottery. 
Please note that during our special exhibitions, we also display work by artists who are not part of that exhibition.  We can do this because our gallery is divided into several rooms or galleries.

June 7 - 11

During the Bucks County Plein Air Festival, we will be highlighting our nationally recognized plein air artists including Kirk Larsen, Dorothy Hoeschen, Ray Hassard, Susan Blubaugh, and new to the gallery - Bill Farnsworth.  Plein air painting is fresh, energetic, and exciting. Be sure to visit to see this wonderful work and learn about the Second Annual Bucks County Plein Air show. 
En Plein Air - Bucks County 
Beginning September 8
A large selection of Autumn themed work will be available.  
Be sure to visit us during the Doylestown Arts & Crafts Festival on September 9 & 10! 

Dean Thomas
Barbara Sesta
Gene McInerney
Collector Santa by Lois Clarkson